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With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, Kimberly Reed is a successful business owner, entrepreneur, contractor and consumer advocate.

In 2017 Kimberly Launched NextGen Storm Leads, a lead generation company geared for the storm restoration industry. Kimberly has successfully grown the company to one of the “TOP” recognized company’s in the Restoration Industry nationwide.

Prior to that, Kim owned a very successful construction company as well as a very successful Glass company in Colorado.  

Kimberly has also worked with a General Contactor and Engineering firm on many well-known very large-scale commercial projects in Colorado.

Kim has 10 years of direct roofing experience and vast knowledge of the industry including (production, sales, roofing types, project management and extensive experience with very large commercial projects).

Passionate about giving back, Kim holds numerous fundraises for storm and hurricane victims as well as children in need. Local media throughout Colorado has recognized Kim’s relief work.

As an Advisory member of the American Policyholder Association (APA), Kim is passionate about positive change and joining the mission to improved the industry.

While not running multiple companies, Kim enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Kim’s passion is the construction industry and through the APA Kimberly feels she can make the impact for others by sharing her passion and determination in the Restoration Industry.

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