About Us

Storm Consultants, LLC is comprised of Insurance Restoration Specialist throughout the United States. We are consultants, contractors, roofers, public adjusters, attorneys, & service providers along with our sponsors. We pride ourselves by staying on top of industry standards & changes throughout our industry as a whole. We share that knowledge with you through live events, consultations and group workshops. Our goal is to help you achieve more, better, & faster than having to do it all on your own.  Our experts have time tested systems & processes in place that will help you avoid costly mistakes.  We aim to propel you further & make you more profitable than you can ever imagine within a short amount of time.  Our experts will make your life and work easier.

Subjects Covered:

Overhead & Profit Billing

Maximizing Claims

Hiring & Recruiting


Scaling Your Business

Dealing with Adjusters


& More…