Mike Klem


Mike’s background in the construction business started at the age of twelve in rural Pennsylvania working alongside his father stacking CMU block and cleaning up job sites. From those early years to this present day the values of hard work, discipline, honesty, integrity and family values was instilled in him at an early age.


Upon getting a bachelor’s degree and working in the heavy fabrication industry and then getting his MBA and being drawn back to the engineering and construction industry; Mike brings a unique perspective of the production model to construction. In addition, with Mike’s background of working in the restoration business with several contractors, engineering and law firms, over the last 20 years, he brings a great understanding of fair claim settlement practices and receiving General Contractor Overhead and Profit (GCOH&P).


Mike has worked with several companies in assessing their potential in their given market. And then helping companies develop a long term plan and strategy for long term sustainable growth. With a clear understanding of the business cycle and incorporating sound business practices Mike brings 35 years and a wealth of knowledge in helping you build your business.


Currently Mike works with several companies in the construction, fabrication and agricultural industries. If you’re a small start-up or a seasoned veteran, Mike’s insights and understanding of administration, operations, production, sales, and all aspects of the business cycle will help you and give you some new or more focused direction in your business.


Mike resides in the DFW metro-plex along with his wife of thirty-two years. He has three sons who live throughout the country and a thirteen-year-old daughter still at home.


Mike will be discussing his system of billing and collecting O&P with a very high success rate.