Storm Consultants LLC

Storm Consultants, LLC is comprised of Insurance Restoration Specialist throughout the United States. We are consultants, contractors, roofers, public adjusters, attorneys, & service providers along with our sponsors.

We pride ourselves by staying on top of industry standards & changes throughout our industry as a whole.

We share that knowledge with you through live events, consultations and group workshops.

Our goal is to help you achieve more, better, & faster than having to do it all on your own. Our experts have time tested systems & processes in place that will help you avoid costly mistakes. We aim to propel you further & make you more profitable than you can ever imagine within a short amount of time. Our experts make your life and work easier.

The Storm Restoration Contractor Summit started as the IRC Summit -Insurance Restoration Contractor Summit in 2013 as an annual event hosting several hundred storm restoration contractors from throughout the U.S.

The SRC Summit brings a much-needed change to the storm restoration community. We’ve rebranded ourselves to adapt to the changes in the industry. We believe in educating you to conduct business the best way to save you time and money.

We strive to help (you) as storm restoration contractors, managers, sales people and office staff succeed all while maintaining the highest level of integrity for your customers and businesses. The SRC Summit believes and maintains the best business practices in the insurance restoration industry. Our team of experts will lead you through time tested concepts and applications to help you achieve more and be the best you can be in business and in life.