April Hall

April Hall

President of the SRC Summit and
Storm Consultants, LLC

Chip Merlin

Chip Merlin

President of Merlin Law Group

Mike Klem

Mike Klem

MK Consulting & Contracting

John Black

Steve Patrick

Overhead & Profit Success & Lump Sum Contracting Explained

Denied Overhead & Profit?

How much revenue are you losing month after month by "losing the O&P battle?"

What if I told you that we have the solution to getting O&P released on your storm restoration jobs?

Think about this:

"Can my revenues substantially increase from attending the O&P Seminar, and applying the information to my jobs I would be completing anyways?"

You bet!

Now think about the Net Increase Potential over the lifetime of your business...

How much do you stand to lose from not getting access to this seminar?

I can legitimately tell you that in the few short years since teaching this material we've created the biggest net revenue annual increases for our nationwide contractors than any other training we've ever done.


  • You'll gain knowledge from the President of Merlin Law Group, Chip Merlin. You'll learn about O&P and why it's legally owed. The 3 trade rule will be debunked and you will learn how to get paid O&P legally & much more. We will open it up to Q&A, so that you can get all your questions answered.
  • You'll learn our contractor system to get paid O&P at our very high success rate
  • We'll teach you how to overcome unruly adjuster objections
  • You'll get your questions answered in our Q&A Session with our expert speakers
  • You'll get all of our documents and we'll show you how to use them
  • You'll see actual examples of a claim when it was first denied then how it was accepted with O&P included.
  • You'll leave better armed to handle adjuster objections to get O&P paid


John Houghtaling, renowned attorney & entrepreneur will show you 4 Contractor Traps & How to Avoid Them. He shared this eye opening keynote the 2020 SRC Summit- you need to know this in order to bill for O&P correctly.


Want to do more commercial jobs? We put together a $200 Million Commercial Panel. These are owners from top roofing companies in the U.S. Take out the trial & error of trying to secure commercial jobs on your own and learn from the experts.

So if you're tired of fighting with insurance companies and want to get paid O&P legally then secure your seat to attend the Annual Overhead & Profit in-person event. You'll receive our system and documents for getting paid O&P.

As a BONUS: Your ticket will include access to our online training portal. There you will have access to John Houghtaling's 2020 SRC Summit Keynote. The 4 Contractor Traps and How to Avoid Them. You'll also have access to watch the $200 Million Commercial Panel, that will help you be successful in commercial roofing.

What do you stand to lose by not getting access to the O&P Seminar?

EX. A restoration company's yearly net loss, due to non-payment of O&P:

"GREAT Event!! Within the 1st hour I learned enough to generate an additional $200k/yr for our company. Paid for the event many times over!" Josh Perrington, Dr. Roof -Georgia

For O&P Seminar pricing and details: